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“Montjuïc de Nit” will rock Barcelona!

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2011-06-22

Hotel Curious wants to announce that next 2nd July the fourth edition of Barcelona's Montjuïc de Nit will be held, an event which will last from 9pm to 5am, and will bring many bands for us to enjoy one of the first summer nights in the city.

Albert Pla, Mishima, Ix!, Joe Crepúsculo, Pegasus and Gossos are just some of the confirmed groups that will performance at the 10 scenarios that have been installed. The musical documentary “When you're strange” about the band The Doors will also be projected. The “Hipnotik Mc Battle” will take place, a contest in which thirty participants will compete to reach the final of Hipnotik Festival, event scheduled for July 9 also in Barcelona.

You can see all details on the program.

Official Website

Where: Montjuïc, Barcelona
When: July 2 from 21h
The: Free

Do not miss it!

After an intense night you deserve a rest in the center of the city. Remember that the website of Hotel Curious is full of offers. Take a look and book with a discount. It will make your night!

Montjuïc de Nit - 2 Julio 2011
Gente sentada viendo proyecciones en Montjuïc de Nit
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya iluminado
Cartel del Montjuïc de Nit 2011
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