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Human statues from Las Ramblas: A living legend

09 de Diciembre de 2009 | 0 comentarios | 1 votos
Hotel Curious would like to speak today about one of the most important things you can find in las Ramblas: The human statues. They are street artists featured as imaginative as they can, from celebrities and mythological beings to imaginary characters exposing on the sides of the avenue and... (read more)
The Hotel Curious recomends you this one-date show, only 10 minutes away from Las Ramblas. The Choir Ballet and Orchestra of the Russian Army from St Petersburg comes to town to show us an example of what is the russian folklore and musical tradition. Considered as the Army Of Peace after the... (read more)

Del Carme street, our home in Barcelona

04 de Diciembre de 2009 | 0 comentarios | 2 votos
Hotel Curious would like to pay honor to the street where is located. Del Carme street, converging with las Ramblas, was one of the main entrances of the city coming from the South and reaching the Porta Ferrissa at the first medieval wall of Barcelona. Belongs to the well known Raval District... (read more)
The Hotel Curious recomends you the Christmas Markets in front of the Barcelona's Cathedral, in the city center, and at the Sagrada Familia. For a month before Christmas, there will be the two big Christmas Market of Barcelona City Council. They will sale all kinds of christmas features. Within... (read more)

The 24th of September 2009. The Day of La Mercè

15 de Julio de 2009 | 1 comentarios | 1 votos
The Hotel Curious recommends you the Festival of La Mercè (Mercifull Mother of God). The Virgin Mercè represents for the people of Barcelona what represents St Patrick for the Irish. Since 1871, every year, Barcelona goes into celebration for a week to pay tribute to her. Nowhere else in... (read more)

Barcelona´s best festival in Gracia

09 de Julio de 2009 | 0 comentarios | 1 votos
The hotel Curious recommends you to enjoy the best Festival of Barcelona in Gracia ! One-of-a-kind it is said about the area of Gracia. Radical, ex Hippies and particular atmosphere. Defenetly special the area of Gracia is. Its streets are full of people talking in the pubs and bars with... (read more)

Barcelona FC is Champion

28 de Mayo de 2009 | 0 comentarios | 2 votos
The Hotel Curious salute to the Champions of the Barcelona FC ! Spain Championship Cup ! Check ! King´s Cup ! Check ! Champions League Championship! Check ! What Else ? (G. Clooney) As you can see, yesterday Las Ramblas of Barcelona were on fire and celebrated the new, the third, the... (read more)


22 de Diciembre de 2008 | 2 comentarios | 4 votos
The staff of HOTEL CURIOUS wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.!!!!
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